another rabbit is reborn

As stated previously, I needed a reliable vehicle that will go from point A to point B and do so in an efficient and desirable manner. So, it’s time for me to introduce the world to my new Volkswagen rabbit!

 chic magnet

Feel free to pause to clean up the saliva that’s now soaking your chin. Below I’ll describe the pure awesomeness that is this wonderful awe inspiring 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit.

who needs a radio?

Now, you might be asking yourself “So… why a VW rabbit?” but really… why not?! Notice the convertible top, pretty cool huh?! This little beauty was created in 1980 and has roughly 180,000 miles on it. Although it uses gas (not diesel) the plan is to learn a lot by working on this car and eventually move towards diesel land. A new and well diagramed service manual has been purchased and although its 800 pages of text is intimidating, it’s nice to have and will prove handy.

lock that cap!

From the photos you’ll observe the locking gas cap, an increasingly important feature these days. And notice the almost wood dash and steering wheel, nothing says style more than wood trim! Next we have the [what could be] leather interior, a true luxurious mobile. And every serious sports car driver deserves the informative central console gauges for when you need to know your vehicles temperature, the number of volts the battery is holding currently, and of course a clock for logging all those 0-100 kmh (0-62mph) time trials on the race track.

living the dream…

One picture shows the five gears, yes that’s right, 1-2-3-4-…5 gears! This is my first manual (stick), a type of vehicle I’ve been preaching against forever now. Sure I’ll have one less arm and one less leg to use for other things while driving but who cares… it’s a rabbit!

five gears!

I’m not sure what the L means near the logo but I assume it’s German for Awesome.

L = Awesome

So we’ll see what happens. I’ve already compiled a lengthy TODO list for fixing this little hummer up and do look forward to learning about automobile maintenance. I’ll of course keep you all updated :-)

3 thoughts on “another rabbit is reborn”

  1. I want one :) there is a red one for sale that is a convertible as well and looks in good condition. Too bad I don’t have enough money and learn to drive a stick :(

  2. This rabbit left my life sometime in late 2007. Although we only spent a short amount of time together, we became friends. I’ll never forget the experiences I had like changing the water pump, or pushing it down the 2am streets of Portland Oregon (including on a bridge) with a dead battery. Eric did the most pushing, so kudos to him for that. The temporary relief via push starts (typically sputtering for about 0.2 miles) were far too temporary that night. But, we made it back!

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