simple lock bumping unlocks most of our locks

Today I stumbled upon information about Bump Keys and am worried. Two main concerns:

  • Most every keyed lock on the planet can easily be opened by anyone
  • I was totally ignorant on the subject, and assume I’m not alone

Basically a Bump Key can be created and used by anyone (you, me, anyone) to open most locks including the dead bolts on our front doors. Others have explained these details for years so I feel it’s my duty to relay the information to my friends. Here are a few of the zillion resources on the subject:

In summary: This problem is real but a few companies are starting to take notice. The Kwikset SmartKey looks like a worthy (and affordable) option and a few other high quality/cost possibilities are also available. A few anti-bumping products exist for current locks but I doubt they are as effective as locks designed with lock bumping in mind. Or, simply play the numbers game and hope the bad guys don’t mess with your stuff. Unfortunately, most of us will choose the last option.

6 thoughts on “simple lock bumping unlocks most of our locks”

  1. Understandable but I’m not relying any new information to the world here, and am not a believer in security through obscurity. This is not a secret.

  2. Also a couple of other notable replies via other sources:

    – On twitter, Sean Coates replied: Locks just keep an honest man honest. Most are very easy to pick.
    – On facebook, Doug Quast replied: This just in: Scientists have found a new kind of rock that when criminals throw it, it will break a window.

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