preview of my fall 2006 classes and professors

I’m a little scared yet still looking forward to a full load of classes this upcoming quarter (16 credits). I did what I could to get highly rated teachers and am happy to report they look good (on paper) so without further ado, here they are:

  • Kelly Craig: Engineering Physics Lab

    Everyone seems to love her as she sounds like a caring teacher who explains Physics in real world understandable terms. I like that.
  • Garrett Gregor: Calculus II
    Everyone loves his teaching style, sense of humor, and active nature in the class but there’s one drawback: Very tough by requiring a lot of work, and difficult tests. In the end this will be good for me (including the weekly quizzes) so in some sick way I’m looking forward to this. Good teachers go a long ways despite how challenging they may be. I’d rather learn a lot with a C, then learn very little with an A. Although currently I’m having a difficult time understanding why/how Calculus works/exists, I have a good feeling something will click this quarter. It better! I’ve set aside two hours a day outside of class for Calculus II, are you jealous?!
  • Izad Khormaee [home]: Intro to Electrical/Computer Engineering
    He’s the one teacher I’m familiar with because he’s my student advisor. He seems to want all students to understand the topics, and seems to always be in his office willing to speak to students… so that’s good. Sounds like the course is challenging, but, I’m interested in the topic.
  • Robert MacKay [home]: Engineering Physics, and also Physics Calculations
    Some mixed reviews here but in the end he looks promising. It would seem I need to really pay attention to the lectures, and do the homework, and put in a lot of hours. Yep, sounds like Engineering Physics!

So, in a couple weeks this party will start and I look forward to read this blog entry after the quarter is over. And to my friends: Don’t expect me to hang out much this quarter, or year, as I’ll me living in the library and various caves spread throughout the area.

Update: I added Trigonometry! Although this means 21 credits in the end it should be worth it. Really understanding Trigonometry is a good idea especially when eventually taking a ton of Engineering related classes… like Calculus! Same teacher. He really is an awesome teacher so if you want to learn, desire a teacher that really cares about you succeeding, is somewhat demanding of you spending proper amounts of time, and is a great and available teacher… Garrett Gregor is recommended. (At least so far, it’s only been one week :-)