don’t type source .bash_history in shell

Just wanted to mention that typing the following in shell/bash/terminal is bad:

source .bash_history

A geek might ask “why would you type that?!” well that’s a good question but I meant to type the following:

source .bashrc

So, it was bad, and executed a lot of commands… all the commands in my bash history to be specific. Ugh. So unless you feel like executing every shell command in your history, don’t do this.

listen to php conferences online

I stumbled upon a nice source of PHP information today (I’ve apparently been hiding under a rock) and think other PHP geeks will be interested. The audio version of the Zend Conference Talks are online, meaning, you may freely listen to them at your leisure. So go there now, download the talk slides, then press play and enjoy. Kudos to Zend for making these 2007 talks available! Their 2008 conference is coming up so hopefully this means more online talks here soon.

And now a mild rant. I’m bias against all conferences because they are expensive and geared towards small groups. People spend time writing talks for hundreds instead of, for example, writing documentation for millions. If you ever see me holding a sign that reads “We want docs, not talks!” outside of conferences, well, you now know why. ;) And slides by themselves are no substitute but each to their own…

Now back to the topic of this blog post. Go check out those talks and have a listen and who knows, maybe one day other conferences will follow Zend’s wonderful lead. Or maybe some already do and I’m just not aware. Also I wonder if there is software out there that can take the slides, some audio, and allow humans to easily sync the two for other humans…