An unexpected result from the PHP manual: odbc_setoption()

A few days ago in IRC, Johannes quoted the odbc_setoption() documentation. The quoted awesomeness speaks for itself so here’s a snippet from the odbc_setoption() PHP manual page: “However, if on a particular job it can make PHP work so your boss doesn’t tell you to use a commercial product, that’s all that really matters.” This […]

We hate math, say 4 in 10 — a majority of Americans

The following story shows up on facebook/twitter/somewhere every few months or so. I do enjoy such things, but also love scouring the tubes for history and reality. Sites like and are useful tools. Here’s the image: A few points: Granted 4 is not a majority of 10, but more hate Math (according to […]

A simple post about MySQL Enterprise Manager

The MySQL Enterprise Manager (MEM) is one of the projects I get to work on. It’s a web application for monitoring/debugging/managing MySQL . Geeks For the geeks amongst us, here’s a nice talk given by Mark Matthews. It demonstrates usage scenarios and information about MEM. Non-Geeks And for people who sort of know what […]

One year at Oracle

I’ve been working at Oracle for about a year now, specifically on MySQL related goodness. It’s a database, and I’m a technical writer. Essentially this means that I write words about MySQL that helps programmers write software, which mostly entails websites. I’m lucky to work with great people and am thankful for that. The documentation […]

One way PHP may capitalize on its popularity

Today Rasmus mentioned that he received a $500 offer for the domain name. Discussion ensued, which ultimately led to the indisputable belief that is worth over 10 million US dollars. Therefore, let’s think about this further: Languages by worth [1] (in USD): : $10,176,050 : $4,088,792 : $246,064 : […]