One way PHP may capitalize on its popularity

Today Rasmus mentioned that he received a $500 offer for the domain name. Discussion ensued, which ultimately led to the indisputable belief that is worth over 10 million US dollars. Therefore, let’s think about this further:

Languages by worth [1] (in USD):

  • : $10,176,050
  • : $4,088,792
  • : $246,064
  • : $219,624

Clearly PHP is #1. And PHP should sell this domain name and purchase the competitors, so here’s how that proposal works:

First, purchase the competitor domain names:

10,176,050 – (4,088,792 + 246,064 + 219,624) = 5,621,570

Next, purchase for future use:

5,621,570 – 2,594 = 5,618,976

And lastly, distribute the remaining cash to the account holders

5,618,976 / 1,568 = $3,583.53 checks for everyone

So if you want to be a part of this action, then be sure to apply for a SVN account within the next week. Here’s one way to do that:

  • Go to
  • Or, use the [edit] links on the top right of every PHP manual page, and click them
  • Create a patch or three
  • Email about these patches/changes, and introduce yourself
  • Receive a account (and your very own (soon to be!) email address) and start committing
  • And now wait for a large fat sack of cash in the mail, in the form of a check (signed by Rasmus, our BDFL)

How have we not done this already?!

And PHP is determining how best to take advantage of the haystack/needle confusion, but the increased site traffic from confused users can and should be taken advantage of. See, this was part of the master plan all along!

Solid reference: [1]

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