Reading CHM files on Macs

The CHM format is popular but what’s the situation for us MAC users? Which is the best?! Let’s explore this topic together.

And then there were two

Today only two CHM readers for Mac are worth strong consideration because they are active, pretty (native to Mac), and work great. Introducing iCHM and ArCHMock:

I’ll only really review these two and quickly refer to the others later.

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Learning to take photographs

Today while stumbling around digg, I ran into an article titled 34 Essential Tutorials To Get Started With Digital Photography and plan to study them all later, and think you should too. Especially before heading to Nicaragua next month (also something you should do :)

Admittedly I’ve been taking photos at random angles with random settings/lighting just hoping that a few would turn out well, so now is the time to change that philosophy. Woohoo!