code monkey is everywhere

Sean pointed out the song code monkey the other day (today if you’re reading this within hours of posting) and… it’s good :) Quite a following too, including several videos. It’s especially enjoyably entertaining if you’re a geek, or know one, and I’m a geek.

Jonathan Coulton singing ‘Code Monkey’ himself:

There are seemingly a million renditions of this song on just youtube alone… pretty wild! So this post is not complete. I enjoyed many this past hour so will hurry and post this now before I go crazy:

Other peoples versions of the song

What’s a Code Monkey?

Wikipedia talks about it, and the term has been around for a long time. They are programmers who write code in caves… well, something like that. They are and can be a lot of different things.

Also, it’s well worth mentioning that he sings baby got back too. The official code monkey page has lyrics, and all music is available online within his site. He blogged about it a couple of years ago too.

What I love and dislike about Thievery Corporation

I went to a concert yesterday and had an incredible time. If you’ve not heard of “Thievery Corporation” it’s unfortunate but on the bright side you still have time to learn and enjoy their music. Highly recommended. I have many good things to say about them so will instead focus on the negative because that might mean a shorter blog post.

My problem with Thievery Corporation is the inability to assign their songs fewer then four (out of five) stars in iTunes. Because of this when playing “My Top Rated” songs they play more then their share and it’s never good (and risky) to listen to a band too much. So my way around this is I’ve not rated all their songs, so zero stars for some, but I’m having second thoughts because this option just doesn’t feel right. It’s a type of struggle all listeners (you?) of Thievery Corporation likely run into. What to do? All suggestions welcome! I don’t want to risk getting tired of them but at the same time want to listen as often as possible. Please help!

Thank you Curtis for introducing me to this music.