We hate math, say 4 in 10 — a majority of Americans

The following story shows up on facebook/twitter/somewhere every few months or so. I do enjoy such things, but also love scouring the tubes for history and reality. Sites like snopes.com and archive.org are useful tools. Here’s the image:

four in 10 equals majority

A few points:

  • Granted 4 is not a majority of 10, but more hate Math (according to this poll) than any other subject
  • This is an AP (Associated Press) story that was circulated by many outlets and organizations, and it appears one created this bogus title
  • I’m not sure if the bogus title was intentional (as a joke), or legitimately false — but will assume the former :)

See this article (with a different title) at CNN.com here if you’re curious.

Next task: find where the copy with this title originated, and optionally the intent of said title.

A simple post about MySQL Enterprise Manager

The MySQL Enterprise Manager (MEM) is one of the projects I get to work on. It’s a web application for monitoring/debugging/managing MySQL .


For the geeks amongst us, here’s a nice talk given by Mark Matthews. It demonstrates usage scenarios and information about MEM.


And for people who sort of know what a database is. It’s like a “Task Manager” for the MySQL database. It helps us use MySQL better, especially for debugging and tuning purposes.

Future MEM posts

It’s an exciting time to be part of the MEM team, and I expect spending larger chunks of time on the project. I’ll be writing about my MEM experiences in the future, and ideally provide useful tips and examples.