We hate math, say 4 in 10 — a majority of Americans

The following story shows up on facebook/twitter/somewhere every few months or so. I do enjoy such things, but also love scouring the tubes for history and reality. Sites like snopes.com and archive.org are useful tools. Here’s the image:

four in 10 equals majority

A few points:

  • Granted 4 is not a majority of 10, but more hate Math (according to this poll) than any other subject
  • This is an AP (Associated Press) story that was circulated by many outlets and organizations, and it appears one created this bogus title
  • I’m not sure if the bogus title was intentional (as a joke), or legitimately false — but will assume the former :)

See this article (with a different title) at CNN.com here if you’re curious.

Next task: find where the copy with this title originated, and optionally the intent of said title.

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