Creating a docbook acronym tag system in four years or more

Four year timeline:
The * links to the appropriate mailing list thread.

June 08, 2002: The idea is born [*]

A user is unsure (and submits a bug report to the php bugs system) what CVS means so a lightbulb flashes: How about we display its “meaning” when a user puts their mouse cursor over the acronym. Examples: ATM and CVS. Seems reasonable as this is the purpose of the acronym tag in HTML. So it appears XSL was the main reason (stumbling block) it wasn’t implemented. Continue reading Creating a docbook acronym tag system in four years or more

rsync or bust

This morning I realized knowing rsync is a good thing. In discussing Livedocs with Goba, he explained that rsync is used to synchronize the (~ 117) PHP Mirrors. So since Livedocs will involve all these rsync’ed mirrors it seems reasonable to know how and why rsync works. And now tonight an rsync tutorial sits on the frontpage of (something that has never happened before), so is it destiny? I think so.

What is rsync? According to Wikipedia:
rsync is a computer program for Unix systems which synchronizes files and directories from one location to another while minimizing data transfer using delta encoding when appropriate.

Sounds interesting and useful (and works on other OS’s too), consider reading the rsync wikipedia for further details. The aforementioned rsync howto/tutorial can be seen on howtoforge here: HOWTO: mirroring with rsync

As time progresses I’ll update this blog entry, or start a new one and link to it here.

see livedocs on phils computer

If you’d like to see what a live livedocs looks like on Philip’s computer, then go here. I recently implemented the acronym tag so not extremely exciting but if you put your mouse over ASCII in the rtrim() docs you’ll see it in action. Did you already know what ASCII stood for? :-)

This is a test/developmental version so may [intentionally?] have errors or debugging output. If you see something out of place feel free to send me a message although likely the “bug” is intentional. I trust your judgement :)

sqlite manager in the house

For various reasons I went ahead and purchased SQLiteManager today for $39.00 USD. Needed something to help work with SQLite versions 2 and 3, be fast, work on a Mac, be actively developed, and I wanted it today. The fact that it’s shareware is cool too, I’m a fan of shareware. Let it speak for itself and if I like it, I buy, otherwise if you want my business make better software. Pretty simple concept. Open Source is more my style (free, open, patches, …) but shareware works too. Then there is donationware, another nice choice. Thank you Google Summer of Code for making this software purchase possible!

There are many SQLite managers out there and this one seems like a good choice for me. Hopefully this purchase will help Philip get back on schedule with Livedocs, a schedule in need of some serious tender loving care. SQLite 2 is the database used by Livedocs, and the primary use. And since Apple Mac OS X uses SQLite for various applications later on in life I hope to do some developing there too. But I digress.

I can’t provide a review of this product yet but eventually will do so.

livedocs project begins

It’s officially time to start working on livedocs. June 18, 2006. Okay this isn’t an official date but it appears to be one of them. “Schooooool…is out…for…the summer!”

Step #1 was printing out all the code currently associated with livedocs. There’s something about printed material that makes something feel real and tangible. The fact that livedocs has been printed to some level symbolizes my livedocs summer beginning. Sean equates this to his wife soaking dishes in the sink to start the washing process… yes, very similar. Btw, I’m also a dish prewash soaker! School is now out, time to focus on livedocs for two months about eight hours a day. The official google soc timeline shows the end as August 21, 2006 08:00 PST. Time will tell how livedocs progresses, somewhere around 60 days. Woohoo!!! I hadn’t looked at the official timeline for a while, but remembered seeing September but recently noticed the true date and it’s coming up soon! It’s nice that school is over ;-)