rsync or bust

This morning I realized knowing rsync is a good thing. In discussing Livedocs with Goba, he explained that rsync is used to synchronize the (~ 117) PHP Mirrors. So since Livedocs will involve all these rsync’ed mirrors it seems reasonable to know how and why rsync works. And now tonight an rsync tutorial sits on the frontpage of (something that has never happened before), so is it destiny? I think so.

What is rsync? According to Wikipedia:
rsync is a computer program for Unix systems which synchronizes files and directories from one location to another while minimizing data transfer using delta encoding when appropriate.

Sounds interesting and useful (and works on other OS’s too), consider reading the rsync wikipedia for further details. The aforementioned rsync howto/tutorial can be seen on howtoforge here: HOWTO: mirroring with rsync

As time progresses I’ll update this blog entry, or start a new one and link to it here.

2 thoughts on “rsync or bust”

  1. Take a look at unison as well, it does 2-way sync … i.e files created locally + files created remotely appear in both places, unless there’s a conflict.

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