sqlite manager in the house

For various reasons I went ahead and purchased SQLiteManager today for $39.00 USD. Needed something to help work with SQLite versions 2 and 3, be fast, work on a Mac, be actively developed, and I wanted it today. The fact that it’s shareware is cool too, I’m a fan of shareware. Let it speak for itself and if I like it, I buy, otherwise if you want my business make better software. Pretty simple concept. Open Source is more my style (free, open, patches, …) but shareware works too. Then there is donationware, another nice choice. Thank you Google Summer of Code for making this software purchase possible!

There are many SQLite managers out there and this one seems like a good choice for me. Hopefully this purchase will help Philip get back on schedule with Livedocs, a schedule in need of some serious tender loving care. SQLite 2 is the database used by Livedocs, and the primary use. And since Apple Mac OS X uses SQLite for various applications later on in life I hope to do some developing there too. But I digress.

I can’t provide a review of this product yet but eventually will do so.

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