My ecological footprint on our planet is bad

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I took a quiz today titled “my ecological footprint” and as it turns out I have a somewhat large footprint (although to my credit, smaller than the average in my country) so that said is it time for change? Of course, but change is difficult. Not only does it require effort and work, but money. In our society being “different” or “ecologically responsible” is expensive and I’m somewhere near the poor category. You should take the quiz too and report your results. Living in the suburbs = bad score.

An excerpt from my quiz results:


And here I thought I was doing good because, well, I recycle. But, that most certainly isn’t enough.

Some I know of:

  • Find ways to use public transportation (difficult in the burbs, but doable)
  • Become a vegetarian again (was for 10 years before succumbing to the dark side)
  • Get a more efficient car (but… it’s the mini van!)
  • Eat more natural foods (expensive but our bodies deserve it… we only have one!)
  • Stop eating fast food (it’s so easy, and cheap, but bad… very very bad… but so good)
  • Stop supporting companies that are evil
  • Become better educated

Well, if you have any further suggestions for change please let me know. Or, if you know of a few spare planets that would work too.

preview of my fall 2006 classes and professors

I’m a little scared yet still looking forward to a full load of classes this upcoming quarter (16 credits). I did what I could to get highly rated teachers and am happy to report they look good (on paper) so without further ado, here they are:

  • Kelly Craig: Engineering Physics Lab

    Everyone seems to love her as she sounds like a caring teacher who explains Physics in real world understandable terms. I like that.
  • Garrett Gregor: Calculus II
    Everyone loves his teaching style, sense of humor, and active nature in the class but there’s one drawback: Very tough by requiring a lot of work, and difficult tests. In the end this will be good for me (including the weekly quizzes) so in some sick way I’m looking forward to this. Good teachers go a long ways despite how challenging they may be. I’d rather learn a lot with a C, then learn very little with an A. Although currently I’m having a difficult time understanding why/how Calculus works/exists, I have a good feeling something will click this quarter. It better! I’ve set aside two hours a day outside of class for Calculus II, are you jealous?!
  • Izad Khormaee [home]: Intro to Electrical/Computer Engineering
    He’s the one teacher I’m familiar with because he’s my student advisor. He seems to want all students to understand the topics, and seems to always be in his office willing to speak to students… so that’s good. Sounds like the course is challenging, but, I’m interested in the topic.
  • Robert MacKay [home]: Engineering Physics, and also Physics Calculations
    Some mixed reviews here but in the end he looks promising. It would seem I need to really pay attention to the lectures, and do the homework, and put in a lot of hours. Yep, sounds like Engineering Physics!

So, in a couple weeks this party will start and I look forward to read this blog entry after the quarter is over. And to my friends: Don’t expect me to hang out much this quarter, or year, as I’ll me living in the library and various caves spread throughout the area.

Update: I added Trigonometry! Although this means 21 credits in the end it should be worth it. Really understanding Trigonometry is a good idea especially when eventually taking a ton of Engineering related classes… like Calculus! Same teacher. He really is an awesome teacher so if you want to learn, desire a teacher that really cares about you succeeding, is somewhat demanding of you spending proper amounts of time, and is a great and available teacher… Garrett Gregor is recommended. (At least so far, it’s only been one week :-)

happy 30 something birthday to me

Yesterday was a special day as it represented the time I was born. For the most part it was a typical day except during the evening people were over so we created and ate pizza, drank beer and wine, and hung out. Thanks to everyone who came over (and called) including Curt and James for the food, and Jill for the candled birthday cup cakes. I also appreciate Heather and Jill for letting me sit in between them for much of the evening because girls smell nice.

What I love and dislike about Thievery Corporation

I went to a concert yesterday and had an incredible time. If you’ve not heard of “Thievery Corporation” it’s unfortunate but on the bright side you still have time to learn and enjoy their music. Highly recommended. I have many good things to say about them so will instead focus on the negative because that might mean a shorter blog post.

My problem with Thievery Corporation is the inability to assign their songs fewer then four (out of five) stars in iTunes. Because of this when playing “My Top Rated” songs they play more then their share and it’s never good (and risky) to listen to a band too much. So my way around this is I’ve not rated all their songs, so zero stars for some, but I’m having second thoughts because this option just doesn’t feel right. It’s a type of struggle all listeners (you?) of Thievery Corporation likely run into. What to do? All suggestions welcome! I don’t want to risk getting tired of them but at the same time want to listen as often as possible. Please help!

Thank you Curtis for introducing me to this music.

see livedocs on phils computer

If you’d like to see what a live livedocs looks like on Philip’s computer, then go here. I recently implemented the acronym tag so not extremely exciting but if you put your mouse over ASCII in the rtrim() docs you’ll see it in action. Did you already know what ASCII stood for? :-)

This is a test/developmental version so may [intentionally?] have errors or debugging output. If you see something out of place feel free to send me a message although likely the “bug” is intentional. I trust your judgement :)