Guinness is Good

click on me to briefly see an even larger amount of guinness!

Guinness is good beer, especially with a Guinness glass right out of the freezer. Brilliant!!! This is a cheers to a friend who (as I type this message) is also openning up a beer. Will cheering beers online be the next big thing? Probably not, but we’re sort of doing it (he does not have a webcam so is doing that part in spirit). Cheers!

slightly famous?

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Today I was looking at possible domain names and stumbled upon the following. You know you’ve made it, to some degree, when some entity out there registers your name .com and displays information about you. A pretty useless site, and annoying, but slightly cool that it exists. It would appear my online presence is all about PHP and Programming, imagine that!

macbook reinstall to one partition

Part of screenshot when viewing the disk with “disk utilities”

This weekend I deleted all partitions from my macbook (formatted the HD), created one partition for OS X, and installed. Before partitions also existed for Ubuntu and Win XP but no more, just one partition now. I use Parallels to operate the additional operating systems. Everything has gone smoothly so far as I backed up then copied over my old users home directory (/Users/phil) so all appears fine. This is one nice feature of OS X, most everything is kept within the users directory. Granted I now have settings/preferences for programs that no longer exist on my system but they’ll be there for future use (or simply continue take up space) so we’ll see, not a major problem. Copying the itunes directory was simple, I like how itunes uses XML for its database and keeps everything in one directory.

So what does this all mean? Aside from taking time it means setting up my environment once again, especially for developing livedocs. To install openjade I had to revert back to this opendarwin/openjade bug report, I just now submitted a patch to speed up the process of closing this minor bug. I like darwin ports so use it for setting up most tools, such as xsltproc. Haven’t used fink due to it not being “intel mac” friendly, yet. [Update: Fink now supports intel]. But I digress.

livedocs project begins

It’s officially time to start working on livedocs. June 18, 2006. Okay this isn’t an official date but it appears to be one of them. “Schooooool…is out…for…the summer!”

Step #1 was printing out all the code currently associated with livedocs. There’s something about printed material that makes something feel real and tangible. The fact that livedocs has been printed to some level symbolizes my livedocs summer beginning. Sean equates this to his wife soaking dishes in the sink to start the washing process… yes, very similar. Btw, I’m also a dish prewash soaker! School is now out, time to focus on livedocs for two months about eight hours a day. The official google soc timeline shows the end as August 21, 2006 08:00 PST. Time will tell how livedocs progresses, somewhere around 60 days. Woohoo!!! I hadn’t looked at the official timeline for a while, but remembered seeing September but recently noticed the true date and it’s coming up soon! It’s nice that school is over ;-)