The day I became editor of the PHP manual

Today (or yesterday, or maybe tomorrow) marks a big day in my life because it’s the day I became editor of the PHP Manual. The request to take over as editor was not easy because it’s a position that requires work and responsibility… and consistent time. Working on the manual (something I’ve done since 2001) requires no true time commitments or required responsibilities because you submit documentation when you feel like it, solve the bugs you want, work on tasks that smell interesting, and take breaks whenever. In these past years I’ve taken many breaks because breaks are good but today I’m required to do something, required to be responsible for being there. I happily accept this challenge and must confess… I love PHP.

The documentation team is a good group of people with too many worthy names to mention here but [un]fortunately many of us have grown old. And since time has a way of adding new responsibilities, the total time spent writing documentation has decreased for most contributors. We’re looking for fresh warm bodies to join the team so if you like to write words read by millions, and work with fellow PHP friends, then make mom proud and join in on the fun. Don’t be shy! Most of us are normal people too.

Thanks to everyone for supporting this decision, I look forward to helping the team improve the PHP Manual over the next year or more. In my letter to the group you’ll notice that a “one year exit option” snuck into the contract… clever huh? :) And thank you Gabor Hojtsy for doing such a great job as editor because over the years you’ve had a positive impact on my life and your legacy will be continued. Drupal is lucky to have you as a core maintainer.

Now, only a few pages of this required reading left to go and then it’s time to work on that lengthy todo list … it’s go time!

6 thoughts on “The day I became editor of the PHP manual”

  1. Months ago I was asking anybody and everybody how to help out the php community, specifically, how to work in the php documentation. A few people listened, and one especially, Philip, did something about it and backed me for my access.

    Thanks to you, I am now credited in the PHP Manual! This is an amazing thing and such a proud accomplishment of mine.

    What a great honor that has been bestowed to you, and so well deserved! I too love PHP, and am so happy that is a phrase used by its manual’s editor…

    Thanks Philip, for everything you have done and all that I am sure will unfold.


  2. Congrats Philip! Always good to have some new blood in the mix (that sounds a little gross, eh?).

    Here’s to making the manual even better than before!

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